Amira Choukair Tame

Amira is a Certified Activities Consultant (ACC-NCCAP), a Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional (CMCDP), with over 20 years of experience, promoting the advancement of non-drug therapy for individuals with Alzheimer’s and other dementia disorders.

Amira is also a Certified Laughter Leader for the World Laughter Tour Inc., President of Alzheimer Activities Service and the author of five books:

Amira Choukair Tame Your Wellness Center Director

Amira Choukair Tame

“Healing the Wounds of Alzheimer’s”
“ABC’S of Activities for Alzheimer’s”
“Activity Techniques That Heal the Wounds of Alzheimer’s”
“Amazing Activities for Low Function Abilities and Caregiver Guide”
“Activities Designed for Low Function at Any Level”
“Crawling on The Highway”


Providing therapeutic activities for hundreds of people with Alzheimer’s has given her an opportunity to develop activities that are successful at any stage of dementia. Amira has shared her techniques with other professionals through caregiver training sessions, and provides workshops approved by NCCAP for 1hr, 2hr, and 8 clock hour/CE units online/ on-demand Training Course toward NCCAP activity professional certification.

Training hospice care volunteers has been especially rewarding. Amira is a member of the Michigan Association of Activities Professionals, the National Association of Activities Professionals and the Alzheimer’s Association. Her techniques have gained the trust and respect of her peers, the medical community, and most importantly, those she has helped reestablish a sense of respect and dignity to their lives. re-certification.


“When I began working with residents in various stages of Alzheimer’s, it didn’t take long for me to realize that for my activities to be successful I had to address the fear, anger, frustration, low self-esteem, and other negative feelings that were barriers to success. I felt confident that if I got to know them and find their likes and dislikes I could help return some of their memory function and teach them new activities.

Not only did I recognize a need for specialized activities for residents with dementia, I realized the progressive nature of Alzheimer’s, and it became evident to me that activities had to be easily adjusted to each individual’s needs and abilities as their cognitive and physical abilities changed, either declining or improving.”

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Amira’s Biography

• Certified Activities Consultant (NCCAP)
• Certified CE Educator (NCCAP)
• Certified Reiki Master and Teacher
• Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP)
• Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional (CMDCP)
• N.A.D.A. Certified Auricular Acupuncturist
• Trained Activity Directors in nursing homes
• Produced a Caregiver Training Video for Activities
• Certified Laughter Leader – World Laughter Tour
• Official Chair One Fitness Trainer
• Certified 1hour and 2hour class (NCCAP) for caregivers and professionals and an 8 hr. online course
• Taught Nursing students & caregivers at Henry Ford Community College
• Participated in the Alzheimer’s Association’s Public Policy Forum in Washington D.C.
• President Your Wellness Center LLC, providing activities for individuals and groups with dementia for over 20 years


• Michigan Association of Activity Professionals (MAAP) – Excellence Award for Demonstrating Outstanding Excellence in the Activities Profession
• National Mature Media Award Program – Silver Award Winner
• World Laughter Tour – “Laffayette Award” for “Back to The Future” Advanced Scholars Workshop


• AAHPERD National Convention
• Alzheimer’s Association Caregiver Education Workshop for students at W .S. U.
• 14th Annual Alzheimer’s Education Conference & Expo – Plenary Speaker
• Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan’s Conference on “Aging Successfully”
• Madonna University Gerontology students (4hr)“Activity in Aging”
• Ohio Health Care Association’s Convention
• Michigan Association of Activity Professionals Annual Convention
• Henry Ford Hospital, Hospice In-service volunteers
• American Society on Aging
• National Certification Council of Activity Professionals
• National Association of Activity Professionals
• West Bloomfield Rotary Club
• Matrix Human Services
• World Laughter Tour Convention and Advanced Workshops
• Macklin Intergenerational Institute Member
• National Acupuncture Detoxification Association
• The Alzheimer’s Association
• Michigan Association of Activity Professionals
• National Association of Activity Professionals
• American Society on Aging convention
• World Laughter Tour – Humor, “Health and Aging”
• Senior Coordination Aging Network (SCAN) of Oakland County
• Association of Applied Therapeutic Humor (AATH) annual convention

Listen to Amira being interviewed by Siham Awada Jaafar on WDHT TV news about Your Wellness Center, Activities Service and what it can do for you

Amira interviewed on podcast radio show from the Visual Art Center in Punta Gorda, Florida

Hope is the power of life and the fuel of our dreams.

The road to get where I am today was not a smooth one. On the contrary. My highway was strewn with roadblocks, deep potholes and speed bumps as large as a mountains. I worked three jobs to make enough money to afford gas for my car, pay my rent and, what was left, I ate fast food; hamburgers and beef jerkies. The only thing that kept me going was my drive to succeed in school. I knew that I couldn’t give up. Eventually, the junk food and stress took it’s toll on my body. I spent much of my time in the hospital. My insides were a mess. I thought that I was not going to make it. I prayed and pleaded with the doctors; “Please don’t let me die.” I knew that if I lived through this, God had a plan for me, and I felt that I needed to give back to others that were in need of help. Being able to bring back smiles to people with diminishing physical, emotional and mental abilities gave me a purpose to be alive. This book is inspiring as it takes you along with me on my journey. I don’t want you to pity me or feel sorry for me. I want to encourage readers to keep traveling on their road, and never – never give up. Keep crawling, and don’t look back, no matter how bumpy the road. If I can do it, you can do it too.
God bless!

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