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“Most directly, one of our CLLs is an expert on activities for Alzheimer’s patients. She is Amira Choukair Tame, and is the author of “Healing the Wounds of Alzheimer’s,” Amira was one of the outstanding presenters at this year’s Advanced CLL Workshop. Amira’s books and CD are ‘must-have’ resources for everyone who cares about a person with Alzheimer’s. Her methods can be understood and used effectively by almost anybody at any level, professionals, volunteers, friends, and family members, too.

Amira, your work really touches people and moves them. You inspire others to action.”

Steve Wilson

Founder, President and Cheerman of the Bored™ World Laughter Tour, Inc.

“While I was participating in the Alzheimer’s Activities Workshop on March 24, 2005, I observed how each person reacting to the techniques that Amira was showing them. I encouraged one of our residents, Mary, to participate. Mary has a hearing and speech impairment and dementia. Mary sits for hours a day smiling and never participates in our activities. During this particular activity she was watching Amira and she began to sing the song with us. This was a tremendous accomplishment. Amira definitely has the skill to search inside a senior citizen and bring out their inner feelings and talents. I was impressed with the workshop and found Amira’s advice to be very beneficial.”

Marie Tester

Activities Director Maple Heights retirement community

“A few weeks ago, In Columbus, Ohio, I was privileged to attend an Alzheimer’s Presentation produced by Amira Choukair Tame. As part of the program, Amira played a DVD called “The ABC’s of Alzheimer’s.” The DVD was a masterpiece of education depicting the activities, the humanism of the care giver, the spontaneous actions resulting in the professional way the care giver in a most un-pressured manner was able to secure reaction from the patient. Explanation of the individual activities to be performed was followed by actual demonstrations of the wonderful un-pressured responses by the patient to the care giver. The DVD included a great variety of situation and activities to be performed. The program followed the progress of the patients, right up to a sensational climax on the final days of life. To reveal the last two minutes of the program on paper would not do justice to the most wonderful conclusion of any real life situation I have ever had the privilege of viewing. To all care givers, friends, relatives of anyone who is afflicted with Alzheimer’s, the book, and “The ABC’s of Alzheimer’s” are a joy, full of human kindness, and a wonderful prescription for those who care. It has my heartiest recommendation.” “Amira, your work really touches people and moves them. You inspire others to action.”
Bob Butler

Alzheimer's Presentation Attendee

“Mrs. Choukair has a gentle manner when dealing with those in our society who suffer with the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. I have witnessed her work personally and appreciate her ability to reach inside those who seem unreachable and her talent at bringing out whatever parts have been hidden by this devastating disease.”
Victoria Kowaleski

Publisher of Caregiver monthly newsletter

“Amira Tame, Program Trainer for Alzheimer Activities Unit, is a professional, energetic and caring person. She has an excellent understanding of the emotional and social needs of seniors. Our residents always enjoy the time spent with her.”
J. Robert Jillette

President American House Retirement Residences

“Dear Amira, You may be please to know how much I have appreciated your work with my sister Adela. Her eyes would sparkle with joy as you entered the room and greeted her.”
Mary Shoucair


Therapeutic Activities for Persons With Dementia Video clip has no actors. It was taped at actual activity sessions. The caregivers volunteered to provide their unscripted testimony. Many more activities are are demonstrated in the “ABC’s of Activities Caregiver Training Video” (DVD).

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