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Amazing Activities for Low Function Abilities and Caregiver Guide”
My award-winning book, Activities Designed for Low Function at Any Level; is a complete guide for successful activities for low cognitive or physical function.

I have trained activity professionals and caregivers at home to use my caring
activities program. Twenty years of using my successful techniques and creative
activities with residents inspired me to publish my book. 

Retail $24.95 Discount price $17.95 + Shipping & Handling

Activities Designed for Low Function At Any Level By Amira Tame Book Cover

Amira’s Thinking Number Cards

Amira Tame Number Card Game Activities For Low Function

Price $19.95 + Shipping & Handling

1 Hour Caregiver Training Video

This inspiring and informative DVD, “ABC’s of Activities for Alzheimer’s” Caregiver Education & Training Video is a series of impressive dramatic demonstrations of expertise and warmth leading to the effective activities.

Price $14.95 + Shipping & Handling

ABCs of Alzheimers A Caregiver Training Video

Activity Kit

Exciting and creative activities developed to enhance participation, including individuals with diminished hearing and sight.

Activities and techniques to enhance social skills, stimulate memory and improve the quality of life for individuals with dementia. Our activity kit is packed with unique activities that are created to give the person you are caring for the satisfaction and pleasure they deserve. They are easy to understand and modify to match their abilities.

$40 + Shipping & Handling


Includes: “Activities Designed For Low Function at Any Level” book,
a $25 value and “ABCs of Activities Training Video” DVD, a $15 value)

Amira's Activities Kit for Dementia

Online Training Program

8hr Training Course

“My Online Program is an 8hr Training Course toward NCCAP re-certification credits.”

It provides Activity Directors and other personnel in Adult Care Facilities a view into the daily challenges they may encounter, and coping strategies that have been proven to be effective.

Caregivers will also benefit from what they learn in this course, as they care for their loved ones at home.

Your course begins by reading the chapters in my book, “Amazing Activities for Low Function Abilities and Caregiver Guide.” After each chapter you will be required to complete a survey & pass a questionnaire for credits.

Individuals can sign up for my 8-hour program by sending me an email for details:

8 CE’s/Clock hours $65.00

For information about NCCAP accreditation and other educational opportunities,
click on the logo below.

NCCAP - National Certification Council For Activity Professionals

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